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TVR Door & hood seal (per mtr) - Was part No. U0372 - Stop those leaks by simply replacing your perished door and hood seal. Easy fit, just pull old seal off and clip new one on.

This seal can also be used to replace the MKI version door seal on the Early Cerbera models, 4 mtr per door 8mtr per car.

Griffith, Chimaera & S Models

Both Doors = 7 metres

Hoop Seal = 2 metres

Total = 9 metres


8 metres total


6 Metres Total

T350 / Sagaris

3 metres per door

S Models 

9 metres total

Tasmin / Wedge

10 metres total

M Series

4 metres per door

5 metres Tailgate

For best results replace complete seal rather than a section.

Recommended lengths are approximate, please check length required on your car. Price quoted per metre.