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Racetech Direct – The TVR Parts Shop – Our Story

Having been involved exclusively with TVRs for over 23 years from servicing, racing and part supplier Racetech Direct has built a reputation for its extensive knowledge of all things TVR.


Racetech Direct originated from Thames Valley Racetech, that specialised in the maintenance of the entire TVR model range and providing its support services in the TVR Tuscan Challenge racing series. With TVR under the ownership of Peter Wheeler we had the pleasure of servicing and maintaining an extensive line up of new and bold designs from the Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan, Tamora, T350 and Sagaris. Supporting drivers and their cars in the factory supported Tuscan Challenge race series our team were also able to further develop their skills which they could then apply to the road cars.


Due to the sale of TVR in 2005 Racetech Direct was formed with a view to solely focusing on maintaining a reliable supply of good quality parts for the entire TVR model range. This decision was taken due to the uncertainty about the future of the manufacturer under the new owner Nikolay Smolensky. As an official TVR parts supplier during this period we were best placed to understand the changes and challenges that lay ahead. Despite this with the support of the manufacturer we maintained to be an official TVR parts supplier.


Marked the closure of the Blackpool factory with the last TVR rolling out and end to their production. This was a crucial period where we found ourselves becoming one of a very few exclusive TVR aftermarket parts suppliers supporting TVR dealers, specialists and TVR owners.


Whilst still in the uncertainty for the future of TVR Multiparts Supply Chain Solutions secured a five year contract with TVR to provide worldwide aftermarket parts support and Racetech Direct joined as a Network member to ensure a continued supply of genuine and premium quality aftermarket parts for the entire TVR model range.


With Multiparts choosing not to renew their contract with TVR for the supply of parts Racetech Direct became one of the main parts suppliers to the trade and retail. This period also marked the joining of Keith Burgess (founder of the first dedicated TVR aftermarket part suppliers, known as Clever Trevor. The Racetech Direct team was now becoming one of the most reliable sources of quality TVR aftermarket parts with the support of arguably the most experienced parts men originating from TVR dealerships and specialist garages.


In 2013 we saw TVR changing ownership from Nikolay Smolensky to a conglomerate led by Les Edgar (TVR Automotive Ltd.) that has attempted to revive the marque with its TVR Grffith prototype, which has yet to come to fruition. In 2014 we also saw TVR Automotive’s attempt to maintain an official parts supply by licencing to Racing Green Parts Ltd., a newly formed company which traded under the name of TVR Parts Ltd.. In 2020 Racing Green chose not to renew its licence and subsequently sold off the remainder of its parts business to Motoclan. This marked the end of any official TVR parts supply making Racetech Direct the only remaining dedicated TVR aftermarket part supplier with Doug Ellwood (formerly of David Gerald TVR) taking a supporting role within our team to ensure supply for the earlier TVR Tasmin and M series models.

2021 – To date

Since 2021 we have maintained the title of the only dedicated TVR aftermarket part supplier in the world. With our team stemming from the Peter Wheeler days we are able to support a worldwide network of mechanics and owners, with a true understanding of these great British sportscars. With the continued support of a loyal customer base we are able to continue to supply and manufacture a vast range of good quality parts ensuring all our customers can enjoy their TVRs for year to come.