DriveShafts, U/J's CV's & Boots   [16]

Part No. TVR 025F026A

Propshaft UJ

Propshaft Uj for all S ( V8 & V6 ) ,Tasmin and 2500M ,3000M,3000S and Taimar .Also suits driveshafts in all M series , Vixen, Grantura...

£35.00 ex VAT £37.85

Part No. TVR 025R014A

Halfshaft UJ Small early Tasmin

Halfshaft UJ Heavy Duty spec  used on early Tasmin both V6 and V8 cars . The UJ measures 82 mm across This is a heavy duty greaseable...

£21.55 ex VAT £39.99

Part No. TVR 042R063A

Halfshaft UJ Large late Tasmin

Large UJ used on halfshafts of later V8 tasmins and wedge cars ( late 350I ,390SE,400SE etc ). 106 mm across approx .This is a heavy duty...

£29.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR 15028

TVR Propshaft UJ Early M/Vixen 1600

TVR Propshaft UJ Early M/Vixen 1600 .

£17.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR F0081A

TVR T5 Gearbox Gaiter Boot

TVR T5 Gearbox Gaiter Boot. Fits all T5 gearboxes. This is an original part from Tremec . Thick walled and correct material part.

£25.50 ex VAT

Part No. TVR R0039

TVR Hub Flange RH Outer

TVR Hub Flange RH Outer. 

£120.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR R0040

TVR Driveshaft CV Joint Rear Inner or Outer..

TVR CV Joint 39mm thick to fit all driveshafts Inner or Outer from TVR Griffith models and onwards. ( Not Sagaris ). 


£71.99 ex VAT £97.50

Part No. TVR R0043

TVR Driveshaft Lock Washer

TVR Driveshaft Lock Washer. 3 per CV and a total of 12 per car. Price per washer.

£2.99 ex VAT £4.25

Part No. TVR R0093

Rear DriveShaft TVR

TVR Drive shaft rear complete for all models except TVR Sagaris (this model requires R0669). TVR OE fits left or right hand side (not handed)...

£479.00 ex VAT £499.00

Part No. TVR R0305

TVR Driveshaft CV Boot

TVR Driveshaft CV boot (4 boots per car required). Kit contains one boot (gaiter), 2 clips and grease.

£13.99 ex VAT £14.87

DriveShafts, U/J's CV's & Boots   [16]

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