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Part No. TVR 025M007A

Window lift assembly Tasmin LH

Electic window lift mechanism assembly including motor, for the left hand door in all Tasmin and wedge models.This is a new unit from the...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR 025M008A

Window lift assembly Tasmin RH

Electric window lift mechanism assembly for the right hand door in all Tasmin / Wedge models. This is new unit from the original manufacturer...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR 025M160A

Reverse light switch 4 speed Ford

Reverse light switch which screws into the gearbox case on the 4 speed Type 5 gearbox. Used in V6 M series (3000M, Taimar, 3000S) and Tasmin...

£37.50 ex VAT £37.50

Part No. TVR 025M191A

TVR Window Switch S3 & V8 S Models

TVR Window Switch. Rocker switch for windows, to fit S3 & V8 S models.

£19.99 ex VAT £22.86

Part No. TVR 025M476A

Headlamp bowl assembly

Headlamp mounting bowl assembly, including plastic bowl ( wont corrode ) with chrome plated, securing ring and screws. Suits all S cars...

£24.75 ex VAT £27.50

Part No. TVR 035E619A


TVR Starter motor for TVR Chimaera, Griffith  V8S  and V8 wedge models models). This is a NEW high power 1.7kw unit and should...

£135.00 ex VAT £185.00

Part No. TVR 035K032A

TVR Cooling Fan Otter Switch

TVR Cooling fan otter switch 92C' - 87C'. For TVR S V6 models, also used on some Tasmin / Wedge models and on M series where the switch...

£10.95 ex VAT £12.95

Part No. TVR 15093

Ignition Coil Essex V6

Ignition coil for Essex V6 engine fitted with BALLAST ignition system and points ( not electronic ) ignition. Suits 3000M, Taimar, 3000S...

£24.00 ex VAT £29.87

Part No. TVR 16675

Spark Plug 3.0L Essex V6

Spark Plug 3.0L Essex V6 .Suits  3000M / 3000S Taimar and Tuscan V6 . Six required per car.

£3.29 ex VAT £4.22

Part No. TVR 16677

Distributor cap 3.0L V6 Essex

Distributor cap for Motorcraft distributor fitted to Essex V6 engines in 3000M, Taimar and 3000S models. Also suits Tuscan V6 where Motorcraft...

£14.95 ex VAT £14.95

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