Exhaust & Silencers   [27]

Part No. TVR 035S100A

Sealing Ring Exhaust.

Exhaust sealing ring for Tasmin models.

£5.50 ex VAT £5.50

Part No. TVR 035S177A

TVR Gasket Exhaust Manifold V8 S

TVR Gasket exhaust manifold for V8 S engines. Pre Cat Gasket 3 bolt fitting. Also used on V8 wedge exhausts where single centre box is...

£3.99 ex VAT £4.57

Part No. TVR M0157B

TVR Lambda Boss 3 Wire

TVR Exhaust lambda mounting boss for Rover V8 and SP6 engines using the 3 wire lambda (part No. M0157A). Also ideal for kit car home made...

£9.75 ex VAT £12.02

Part No. TVR M0157C

TVR Lambda Boss Bucket Rover V8

TVR Lambda boss bucket for Rover V8 engines. Made bigger in diameter, so much easier to use a Std type Lambda socket. Made in Stainless...

£39.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M1444B

TVR Lambda Boss 4 Wire

TVR Exhaust Lambda mounting boss for the 4 wire Lambda (part No. M1444).

£9.75 ex VAT £12.02

Part No. TVR RD_Flex

TVR Flex Joiner Exhaust

TVR Stainless Steel flexible joiner for exhaust system. This joiner is fitted to most Rover V8 500 exhaust systems. Diameter 3".

£39.55 ex VAT £45.29

Part No. TVR RD5008

Exhaust Manifold - TVR S 2.9 V6 LH / RH..

TVR Exhaust manifold for non cat cars, 2.9 V6, made in Stainless Steel. Sold as a Pair. Contains 1 x S29S10052 and 1 x S29S10053...Please...

£539.31 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD5009

TVR Exhaust Manifolds 2.9 V6 Cat

TVR Exhaust Manifolds PAIR for Cat cars with Lambda hole, 2.9 V6, in Stainless steel. Sold as a pair. Contains 1 x S29S10064 and 1...

£450.00 ex VAT £455.00

Part No. TVR S0144

Exhaust System Complete

Exhaust system for Chimaera (GKN diff) manufactured from 12/92. Made of Stainless steel .. Please allow 21 working days..

£555.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR S0162

Exhaust System Complete

Exhaust system for Griffith 500 (GKN diff). Made of Stainless steel... Please allow 14 working days ...

£555.00 ex VAT

Exhaust & Silencers   [27]