Gearbox & Clutches   [42]

Part No. TVR Q010237


TVR Clutch kit (cover plate, drive plate and release bearing) Rover V8 (400/4.3/3.9/3.5). This kit comes complete with Clutch Plate, Cover...

£299.00 ex VAT £432.00

Part No. TVR Q010237T

Clutch cover and Plate Rover V8

TVR Clutch Cover and Plate to fit Rover V8 engine. This clutch is exclusively available from Racetech Direct. Fitted to all Rover V8 TVR...

£175.00 ex VAT £299.00

Part No. TVR Q0111

TVR Clutch Bleed Pipe All SP6 Cars

TVR Clutch Bleed Pipe fits all SP6 Cars.

£27.10 ex VAT £29.95

Part No. TVR Q0111A

TVR Clutch Bleed Nipple

TVR Clutch Bleed Nipple For Cerbera Models onwards

£3.79 ex VAT £3.99

Part No. TVR Q0365


TVR Clutch Twin Plate (consisting of cover and 2x drive plate) to fit all Speed 6 and AJP V8 TVR Models. This is Original Equipment as...

£740.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR Q0365C

TVR Clutch Retaining Clip

TVR Clutch Retaining Clip . Small Retaining Clip for All Twin Plate Clutch fitted to AJP8 and SP6 Engines. Sold Each . 3 needed per Clutch.


£0.99 ex VAT £1.04

Part No. TVR RD355K

TVR Gearbox Remote Bush

TVR Gearbox Remote Bush Kit For Rover Gearbox LT77. Set of 8 Poly bushes. UKC854 made in Poly for Rover Gearbox LT77.

£27.90 ex VAT £29.99

Part No. TVR RDTool clutch

TVR Clutch Alignment Spline T5

TVR Clutch Alignment Spline T5 . This made to Fit the  T5 Gearbox and  clutch units . Single plate and Twin plate .T5...

£14.95 ex VAT £19.99

Part No. TVR T45F084R

TVR Gearbox Input nose T5

TVR Gearbox Input nose T5 . Clutch Bearing guide carrier

£77.50 ex VAT £86.45

Part No. TVR U0366

Pivot Ball TVR T5 or Rover Gearbox

TVR Pivot ball For gearchange on T5 or Rover & hood hoop (required with U0367 & U0368)

£6.10 ex VAT £11.26

Gearbox & Clutches   [42]

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