Chassis, Wishbones & Bushes   [70]

Part No. TVR 025H008A

Steering column bush Large bore

Steering column bush for bulkhead in Tasmin/wedge cars  large bore type ( 19 mm ) See 025H108A for small bore type .

£14.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR 025H108A

Steering column bush small bore

Steering column bush for bulkhead in Tasmin cars with small diameter steering column lower shaft ( 13mm approx )  See 025H008A for...

£14.95 ex VAT £15.95

Part No. TVR 035C045P

Anti Roll bar bush kit

Kit of two  black polyurethane bushes which mount the front anti roll bar to the chassis on all Tasmin cars from 280I to 450SE and...

£19.70 ex VAT £21.75

Part No. TVR 035C057P

Anti Roll bar link bush kit

Kit of four bushes to fit at the lower end of the tie bar to anti roll bar link on all Tasmins ( 280I to 450SE) which have a forward facing...

£19.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR 10157

Pivot rod Short M series And Vixen Series..

TVR Short Pivot rod for all M series and Vixen Series 4. Also Tasmin trailing arm ( Series 1 Tasmin With split trailing arm to...

£22.70 ex VAT

Part No. TVR 10158

Pivot rod long M series

Long pivot rod Bolt shaft for rear suspension on all M series cars and which goes through the rear upright and connects the rear lower...

£24.50 ex VAT £24.50

Part No. TVR 10264P

Suspension bush Vixen Grantura

Quality polyurethane  wishbone (A arm )to chassis bush for all Vixen ( except Vixen S4 ,see p/no 15428P for this application...

£6.95 ex VAT £7.95

Part No. TVR 15428

Suspension bush M series

Rubber suspension bush for all M series and Vixen S4 cars . Note this is UK manufactured product by the original OE supplier to TVR and...

£3.95 ex VAT £3.95

Part No. TVR 15428P

Wishbone bush M series Poly

A superior polyurethane suspension bush to suit the wishbones ( A arms ) on M series cars from 73 onwards . These high quality bushes improve...

£7.50 ex VAT £7.95

Part No. TVR 15618

Trunnion kit M seies

Complete kit for relacing front trunnion bushes on all M seies and Vixen S4 cars .TWO kits required per car Note this kit includes a new...

£22.95 ex VAT

Chassis, Wishbones & Bushes   [70]

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