Sensors, Switches & control units   [113]

Part No. TVR M0521

Thermistor Sensor

Ice Warning Sensor (disc type)

£4.65 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0544

Control Box Plug 17 Way

TVR Control box plug 17 way. The terminals are M0544T.

£2.75 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0545

Dim/ Dip Socket Terminals

Female terminal for dim / dip control box and others.

£0.85 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0629

Inertia Swtich

Inertia switch for fuel pump cut off (3 Pin).

£31.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0631

TVR Speedo Transducer - Caerbont Gauges..

TVR Speed Sensor to fit Griffith, Chimaera and Cerbera models. Fitted to the Diff output. Dash Clocks are with Sliver Bezels..

£75.09 ex VAT £96.77

Part No. TVR M0658

Mirror Joystick

Mirror joystick for Cerbera models.

£39.66 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0670

TVR Terminal Plug 9 Pin

TVR 9 pin terminal plug socket.

£4.30 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0673

Ignition Switch

Ignition switch mounted on steering column at base off barrel and key. To fit Griffith, Chimaera and MKI Tuscan models (with flat key)....

£16.00 ex VAT £24.99

Part No. TVR M0747

TVR Steering Wheel Membrane Switch

TVR Steering wheel membrane switch. Low profile membrane switch for Steering wheel controls and window/dash. Price per switch.

£10.50 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M0750

Dead Lock Switch

Door dead lock button (red).

£12.92 ex VAT

Sensors, Switches & control units   [113]

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