Sensors, Switches & control units   [115]

Part No. TVR E0467

TVR Throttle Potentiometer Rover V8 Pre-Serp..

TVR Rover V8 throttle pot (replacement for the round and oval plug). Will fit Pre-Serp and Serp engines. Will also replace Land Rover part...

£145.00 ex VAT £168.99

Part No. TVR E1586

Throttle Pot White (AJP/SP6)

White throttle pot fits AJP8 and SP6 engines, also V6 2.9 S models.

£49.00 ex VAT £84.99

Part No. TVR E2651

Oil Pressure Warning Switch TVR AJP Engines..

Oil pressure warning switch (10psi) for TVR AJP engines.

£14.99 ex VAT £17.28

Part No. TVR E2661

TVR MAP Sensor

TVR MAP Sensor for Cerbera models onwards.

£29.50 ex VAT £49.99

Part No. TVR E6559

Oil Pressure Sender (Uprated) TVR SP6

TVR Speed 6 Oil Pressure Sender (Uprated non leaking) with extra earth wire connection.

£42.50 ex VAT £69.95

Part No. TVR F0021

Speedo Transducer 8 Pulse

TVR Speedo transducer 8 pulse . You should check which Transducer you have fitted as the most common one was the 4 pulse F0041 . You can...

£169.00 ex VAT £171.55

Part No. TVR F0041

Speedo Transducer

TVR Speedo Transducer Early cars with Rover Box and Some 'S' Models,This unit is a 4 Pulse Transducer So please check your old unit...

£169.00 ex VAT £171.55

Part No. TVR F0052

TVR Reverse Light Swtich 2 Wire

TVR Reverse light switch (2 wire) for the Rover gearbox.

£26.95 ex VAT £29.95

Part No. TVR F0412

Reverse Light Switch TVR

TVR Reverse light switch (TVR T5 gearbox)

£24.99 ex VAT £27.99

Part No. TVR H0076

Ignition Barrel and key TVR

TVR Ignition Barrel and 2 keys. For TVR Griffith, Chimaera and MKI Tuscan models but will not have the remote fitted inside key.

£46.00 ex VAT £48.00

Sensors, Switches & control units   [115]

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