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Part No. TVR RD94009

Fuel Tank Pass Through Wire Kit SP6 Models..

TVR Fuel tank pass through wire kit for SP6 engines. Replacement kit for the plastic 6 wire terminal block. Hermetic seal wire with Tefzol...

£155.00 ex VAT £169.99

Part No. TVR S28F10006

Reversing light switch.

Reversing light switch fitted to all V6 S models (Also fits Tasmin & 280 I with 5 speed gearbox; NB DOES NOT suit cars with 4 speed...

£13.95 ex VAT £15.00

Part No. TVR S28N10026A

Speedo Cable Tasmin 280I and S1

Speedo cable for S1 and Tasmin 280i V6 with Smiths and Stewart Warner instruments.

£31.50 ex VAT £35.99

Part No. TVR T45E151R

TVR Crank Shaft Sensor OE

TVR Crank shaft sensor to fit Speed 6 and AJP V8 engines. Please note that this is an OE latest specification good quality sensor that...

£44.95 ex VAT £49.95

Part No. TVR U0515

Reverse Light Switch Bracket

Reverse light switch bracket.

£8.97 ex VAT

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