Sensors, Switches & control units   [115]

Part No. TVR N0143

Oil Pres. Warning Switch Rover V8

Oil pressure warning switch for Rover V8 engines.

£8.99 ex VAT £9.25

Part No. TVR N0143A

Oil Warning Switch Early V8 Engines

Oil warning switch for early Rover V8 engines. Has large taper thread.

£10.99 ex VAT £12.88

Part No. TVR P0031

Trinary Switch TVR

TVR OE Trinary switch for air conditioning.

£25.50 ex VAT £27.00

Part No. TVR P0105

TVR Heater Control Knob Griffith

TVR Aluminuim heater control knob for late Griffith models.

£10.55 ex VAT £11.75

Part No. TVR RD0594

Plug Kit For Heater Amplifier

Plug kit for heater amplifier, Part No. ME0594. This plug kit has both Male and Female plug 6 pin and terminals for the heater amplifier.


£7.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD1

TVR Plug Terminal Kit For cooling Fans

TVR Plug Terminal Kit for cooling fans.

£5.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD1271

TVR Temp Sensor Plug 2 Pin

TVR Temp sensor plug (2 Pin). Sensor switch plug with terminals.

£4.95 ex VAT £6.75

Part No. TVR RD60500

Master Switch 12V

Battery master switch 12v. (Stop that battery drain for when the car is stored) Rated 100 amps / 24 volts and 500 amps for 5 seconds.


£13.05 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD67

TVR Sensor - Fuel Rail Temperature sensor..

TVR Sensor for fuel temperature multi point injection / fuel rail.

£79.99 ex VAT £83.27

Part No. TVR RD6721

Air Mass Meter Plug and Terminals

TVR Air mass meter plug and terminals.

£18.95 ex VAT £20.41

Sensors, Switches & control units   [115]

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