Sensors, Switches & control units   [113]

Part No. TVR P0031

Trinary Switch TVR

TVR OE Trinary switch for air conditioning.

£25.50 ex VAT £27.00

Part No. TVR P0105

TVR Heater Control Knob Griffith

TVR Aluminuim heater control knob for late Griffith models.

£10.55 ex VAT £11.75

Part No. TVR RD0594

Plug Kit For Heater Amplifier

Plug kit for heater amplifier, Part No. ME0594. This plug kit has both Male and Female plug and terminals for the heater amplifier.


£7.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD1

TVR Plug Terminal Kit For cooling Fans

TVR Plug Terminal Kit for cooling fans.

£5.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD1271

TVR Temp Sensor Plug 2 Pin

TVR Temp sensor plug (2 Pin). Sensor switch plug with terminals.

£4.95 ex VAT £6.75

Part No. TVR RD60500

Master Switch 12V

Battery master switch 12v. (Stop that battery drain for when the car is stored) Rated 100 amps / 24 volts and 500 amps for 5 seconds.


£13.05 ex VAT

Part No. TVR RD67

TVR Sensor - Fuel Rail Temperature sensor..

TVR Sensor for fuel temperature multi point injection / fuel rail.

£79.99 ex VAT £83.27

Part No. TVR RD6721

Air Mass Meter Plug and Terminals

TVR Air mass meter plug and terminals.

£18.95 ex VAT £20.41

Part No. TVR RD94009

Fuel Tank Pass Through Wire Kit SP6 Models..

TVR Fuel tank pass through wire kit for SP6 engines. Replacement kit for the plastic 6 wire terminal block. Hermetic seal wire with Tefzol...

£155.00 ex VAT £169.99

Part No. TVR S28F10006

Reversing light switch.

Reversing light switch fitted to all V6 S models (Also fits Tasmin & 280 I with 5 speed gearbox; NB DOES NOT suit cars with 4 speed...

£13.95 ex VAT £15.00

Sensors, Switches & control units   [113]

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