Electrical Motors   [14]

Part No. TVR 025M007A

Window lift assembly Tasmin LH

Electic window lift mechanism assembly including motor, for the left hand door in all Tasmin and wedge models.This is a new unit from the...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR 025M008A

Window lift assembly Tasmin RH

Electric window lift mechanism assembly for the right hand door in all Tasmin / Wedge models. This is new unit from the original manufacturer...

£95.00 ex VAT £95.00

Part No. TVR K0121

Heater Blower Motor

Heater Blower Motor for late Tuscan / T350 / Sagaris models. Single motor with twin fans.

£89.99 ex VAT £114.00

Part No. TVR L0170

TVR Fuel Pump Bosch

TVR Fuel Pump for late cars, Cerbera AJP8 / Tuscan SP6 models. OE Bosch Unit.

£115.00 ex VAT £175.00

Part No. TVR L0170A

Fuel Pump TVR

TVR Fuel pump for late cars, TVR Cerbera and onwards.

£95.00 ex VAT £149.56

Part No. TVR M0132

Wiper wheel box

TVR Windscreen Wiper Wheel Box.

£56.95 ex VAT

Part No. TVR M1246

TVR Wiper Motor Late Models

TVR Wiper motor for late cars, Tuscan and onwards (small black motor). Was also fitted to some very late Chimaera models. OE Bosch unit...

£199.99 ex VAT £275.00

Part No. TVR M1370

TVR Wiper Rack Assy Complete OE

TVR RHD Wiper Rack Assy complete with motor and fittings. OE.

£253.99 ex VAT £262.00

Part No. TVR M1701

TVR Window Regulator Assy LH

TVR Window Regulator Assembly. LH (Passenger side) complete with motor. For TVR Sagaris, T350 and Tamora models. PLEASE NOTE that this...

£135.00 ex VAT £219.20

Part No. TVR M7102

TVR Window Regulator Motor M7102

TVR OE Bosch 0130821069 Window Regulator Motor. This is a direct replacement unit for TVR Tuscan & Cerbera RH and also Chimaera &...

£185.00 ex VAT

Electrical Motors   [14]

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