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Part No. TVR TVR001


TVR Braided brake hose kit to fit all Griffith and Chimaera models (includes front NS / OS and rear NS / OS hoses (4 hoses) Stainless Steel...

£72.99 ex VAT £75.99

Part No. TVR TVR008

TVR Braided Brake Hose Set - TVR Cerbera..

TVR Braided brake hose set for TVR Cerbera models (set of 4 hoses with fittings).

£58.99 ex VAT £68.92

Part No. TVR TVR012

Hose Kit Braided For Tasmin

TVR Braided hose kit  For Tasmin Wedge models. 3 hoses per kit. 2x front and 1x rear.

£44.50 ex VAT £49.99

Part No. TVR TVR013

Brake Hose kit TVR S V6 Drum Rear Brakes..

Braided brake hose kit for TVR S V6 with drum rear brakes. 4x front and 2x rear per kit.  This kit has all the correct Metric and...

£85.00 ex VAT £94.65

Part No. TVR TVR014

Brake Hose Kit TVR S V8

Braided brake hose kit TVR S V8 with disc rear brakes. 8 hoses per kit. 4x front and 4x rear. This has has the correct Metric and imperial...

£112.90 ex VAT £119.99

Part No. TVR VX15766

Brake hose front Vixen

Brake hose OE Spec for front of Vixen S1, S2 and S3 cars. See part No. 15765 for rear hose and part No. 15766 for front hose for Vixen...

£22.95 ex VAT

Hoses & Cables   [26]

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