Interior Trim   [80]

Part No. TVR U2440

TVR Boot Lid Striker Pin - Tamora

TVR Boot lid striker pin for Tamora.

£9.50 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2496

TVR Cover Plate Pedal Box Sagaris LHD

TVR Pedal box cover plate for Sagaris LHD.

£120.00 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2517

TVR Rear Screen

TVR LH rear screen "C" arm hinge. Fitted to T350 and Sagaris models .

£35.96 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2518

TVR Hinge Tailgate Glass

TVR Tailgate glass hinge.

£18.72 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2522

TVR Boot Lid Striker Brkt

TVR Boot Lid Striker Bracket.

£29.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2540

Boot Gas Strut

Boot Gas Strut / spring.

£25.99 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2572

TVR Mounting Pin with Ball For Glass Tailgate..

TVR Mounting Pin with ball for glass tailgate.

£12.45 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2635

TVR Indicator Lever Arm/tube

TVR Indicator lever arm / tube.

£21.45 ex VAT

Part No. TVR U2664

TVR Sagaris Kick Plate

TVR kickplate set in stainless steel with "Sagaris" engraved in the centre. 4 point fixing. Price per pair for drivers and passengers door...

£45.00 ex VAT £70.00

Part No. TVR U2667

TVR Dash Vent Bezel

TVR Dash Vent Bezel for most late cars, Tuscan and onwards.

£10.50 ex VAT

Interior Trim   [80]

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